TOP 3 Mini Resistance Bands and Where to Buy Them

Resistance bands have always been around and are incredibly popular in physical therapy practices and the Pilates world. They’ve earned a place in my personal toolbox of equipment. They’re great for when you’re on the go and only have time to work out at home.

Bands are by far one of my favorite tools when it comes to warming up before my training sessions, getting that booty burn in, and actually waking up stubborn, sleepy glutes. They’ve worked wonders for my glutes and for my clients as well. As great as they are, finding good ones is a bit tricky.

Some qualms that I have with resistance bands is that they snap SO easily and you can blow through a whole pack of them within one month. Because of my resistance band obsession, I’ve gone through my fair share of different products and I know which ones can hold up and which ones have that “good” stretch. Here’s my list:

Thin mini bands that ACTUALLY withstand a lot of force:

Perform Better, $17.95 from

Perform Better has one of the best sets of mini loop resistance bands. They even come in packs of 20! These are perfect when you want a considerable amount of stretch from a thin band. Sometimes, bands get a little too thick for me that my IT band and hips end up getting too tight after my workout.

resistance bands

Buy them here:

The STRONGEST mini bands you could ever own and has considerable amount of stretch:

The X Bands Booty Bands Deluxe Set of Five, $39.99 from

The X Bands is a GREAT company. Their bands are the strongest I’ve ever tried. Some competitor brands’ are as thick as The X Bands, but do NOT have stretch at all. Sometimes they don’t even retain elasticity and are just frigid. The X Bands tops the thick mini band competitors. The price is incredible and they definitely withstand a lot of force. I use them on myself AND my clients 7x/week and they’re still going strong. I’ve had them for over a year now; I definitely believe in this brand.

resistance bands

Buy them here:

Strong bands for hairy legs, can withstand force, and have elasticity:

SlingShot Hip Circle in Original Large, $26.95 from

Okay, I personally haven’t tried this brand but I have heard INCREDIBLE things about them. First off, regular resistance bands are not very friendly when it comes to hairy legs. They will tug and pull at every last bit of hair that you have, and yes–it’s very painful. Not only does the Hip Circle have a fabric outer-layer to protect your hairs, but it’s also strong and elastic. I’ll be buying this one next!

resistance bands.jpg

Buy them from here:


The list is short for a reason. There’s no need to go through bad resistance bands and waste money. These brands are tried and true, and I will keep them in my arsenal for a very long time.